Psychology OCR A2 FORENSIC, Prison Roles.

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After a Guilty Verdict; Imprisonment

Prison Situation & Roles

Prison situation include factors such as overcrowding, structure, punishments, privliges and supervision. Over crowding can lead to small cells, the stucture leads to chores and rules. Punishments occur when rules are broken and privliges can be removed such as TV and smoking time. The monitoring and supervision include cameras and recorded telephone calls.

The roles in a prison situation:

  • Prisioners: Low status, basic environment, all the same uniform (lack of identity) and having no power or control.
  • Gaurds: High status, power, control, authority and they have freedom and can give punisments.

Zimbardo (1973)

Male volunteers who responded to newspaper advert (SELF SELECTED SAMPLING). They were paid per day. 75 respondants completed questionanaire about their family background, mental health, prior experiences, attitudes and any involvement in crime. 24 men where


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