PSYA3 AQA A relationships essay (mark out of 25?) comment on any improvements

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Examine the influence of childhood experiences on adult relationships:

Adult relationships are influenced by our internal working model as proposed by Bowlby. Our internal working model is developed throughout our life and contains information about an individuals development and functioning. In terms of the internal working model in childhood, it is based on early experiences with the mother or primary care giver (monotropy – one special attachment figure). Therefore, our internal working model influences our expectations about our adult romantic and peer relationships and also about how available and reliable the other person is likely to be.

A love quiz study by Hazen and Shaver provided evidence of the attachment styles in childhood influencing adult romantic relationships and our attitudes towards them in adulthood. Secure adults believed that love is enduring and trust other easily and remembered their mothers as positive and caring. Resistant anxious adults fell in love easily but had trouble in finding true love. They had conflicting memories of their mother a positive and rejecting.  Those who reported their attachment style as anxious avoidant believed love was…


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ao2 is too short, you need to talk about issues such as over-emphasising of an internal working model being a factor and contrast this approach with another theory as a reason for an individual expectations of relationships such as social exchange theory's comparison level then provide commentary on whether the evidence provided through the studies make it convincing that relationships are influenced through childhood.