Prophecy regarding the Messiah


The Suffering Servent in Isaiah

  • Parallels can be drawn between Jesus's life and the suffering servent:Suffering was part of God's plan as a payoff for peoples transgressions but in the end servent wil find place with righteous as a reward.Isiah shows just man was punished and suffered for wickedness of others - NT writers believed this was a messianic prophecy and Jesus was fulfilment of it.
    • ordinary man, not of high birth
    • despised and rejected
    • pierced, crushed, chasited and wounded
    • did not protest or defend himself
    • punished for others wrongdoings 
    • death was that of a criminal but did nothing wrong
  • Traditional view:
    • Jesus told disciples he must be rejected and killed (Luke 9:22) he used Isiah 53 to show he was the servent
    • on eve of his death  Luke 22:37 similiar to Isiah 53:12 - both make referance to being 'numbered with trangressors
    • words of Jesus suggest suffering servent e.g. 'For even the son of man did


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