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Eschatological and Apocalyptic
4A Religion and Human Experience…read more

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Eschatology: · To speak of end times
Eschatos means end and logos means word
The Kingdom of God: · is living by God's rules which Jesus set the supreme example for
· C.H. Dodd suggests The Parables of the Kingdom show that the `Kingdom of God
has come' and is present in the person, ministry of Jesus and can be enjoyed
Realised Eschatology
here and now
· Mark 10v15 `The Kingdom of God... is within you'
· Some scholars consider that Jesus did not regard the Kingdom of God as God's
inward rule put something that God would display to the world at large
Future Eschatology · Appeals to the Jewish audience as it keeps with beliefs about a future
judgement at the end of time
· Albert Schweitzer: `Call to repentance before an immanent end
Inaugurated Eschatology · God's Kingdom is here in the person of Jesus but it is completed in the future so
the Kingdom of God is here and in the future
· W. Barclay: `Whoever hears my word and believes' suggests that when a person
Personalised Eschatology believes in God the Kingdom of God is available to them
· It is when the individual decides to allow Jesus and God's laws into their life…read more

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Eschatological Teachings in the
Parable: An earthy story with a heavenly meaning
Parables are there to:
· Illuminate the Good News
· Show how the Kingdom of God comes and grows
· Talk about the grace of the Father
· Suggest qualities Jesus looked for in men of the Kingdom
· Explain how the New Covenant made through Jesus would be
open to all
· By Jesus' death and resurrection the Kingdom of God arrived
and the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus' waiting followers…read more

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Eschatological Teachings: Matthew 25
A.M. Hunter: Matthew 25 is `one of the supreme glories of the New Testament'
· 5 of the bridesmaids we prepared for the banquet with their
The Parable of the Foolish candles burning however 5 were not prepared, the unprepared
Bridesmaids we left behind
· The idea is to be prepared for eschatological events at all times
· A man gave his workers talents, two of the workers invested
the talents so they had more whereas one of the workers
The Parable of the Talents buried it angering the man
· Spread the word of God so others as a threat of judgement is
used `weeping and gnashing teeth at the end of time'
· The sheep help others whereas the goats do not so they are
cast away from the Kingdom of God for punishment
The Parable of the Sheep and Goats
· By showing altruism you are able to enter the kingdom of God
· `You who are cursed, depart from me in to eternal fire'…read more

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Eschatological Teachings: Luke 16v19-31
· Lazarus was in heaven in the comfort of
Abraham will Dives was in hell in agony
Lazarus · Those who have faith in action get to go to
heaven, those who are willing in their life on
and earth will be rewarded with heaven and
eternal life (zoe aionios).
· However those who refuse to help their
Dives: brother will be in torment with no relief
· It acts as a challenge to action and to help
those in need…read more

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The Parables: Problems vs Advantages
Pessimistic due to the torment and suffering e. It gives hope to even those in poor situations
g. the Goats are sent to hell that there is salvation
You have to be more than a good person to Parables such as the Sower are optimistic
gain Heaven as you have to be Jesus who was with `30x, 60x, 90x yield' as a ringing to the
God-incarnate early church
God is omnibenevolent so should love you for All parables encourage people to think and
you not your actions challenge themselves
God seems harsh as people do not always know Sitz im Leben 2: Early Church would have
what Is right e.g. the Bridesmaids understood the parable making them
The message isn't always clear due to imagery accessible to others, the Sower was
being outdated e.g. the Talents explained by the Early Church
Bridesmaids: doesn't encourage teamwork as Due to the analogies being used it is easy to
the women with the lights didn't share their oil understand and apply to any time
Sheep and Goats: could lead to division The though of eternal punishment allows
between people people to lead good moral lives and reap the
rewards on judgement day
Extreme polarity as it doesn't mention the
people on the fence
There is no way out of hell once you have
reached it…read more

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