T1.A. Jesus: his birth

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  • Jesus: his birth- the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke
    • key people: Matthew: the author of the first gospel Luke: the author of the third gospel
    • Matthew's version:
      • focuses on joseph
      • unamed angel
      • Joseph marries Mary
      • baby Jesus is born in a house in Bethlehem
      • the first non-Jews to set eyes on him were Magi or Wise men
        • who followed a star 'from the east'
          • this probably means from the east of the Jordan river, possibly from Babylonia, Egypt or Arabia
        • we are not told how many there are
      • the wise men duped Herod
        • Herod reacted by killing all the children in Bethlehem under the age of 2
      • Joseph is forewarned and flees with Mary and Jesus into Egypt
      • after Herod's death they return to nazareth
    • Luke's version:
      • focuses on Mary
      • an angel named Gabriel
      • no mention of marriage between Joseph and Mary
      • Mary expresses her joy to her cousin Elizabeth, who is also pregnant, through a hymn called the magnificat
        • Elizabeth gives birth to her son John the baptist
          • her husband, Zechariah, makes a famous prophecy known as the Benedictus
      • a census made by Caesar Augustus, which made it necessary for Mary and Joseph to travel to Bethlehem to be registered
      • 'no room in the inn'
        • baby Jesus is born 'in a manger' probably in a stable or outhouse
      • Shepherds visit the baby Jesus
      • 8 days after the birth, Jesus is presented in the temple in Jerusalem.
        • he is mysteriously recognized as the messiah by Simeon and Anna.


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