Matthew's prologue

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Purpose of a prologue 

-foreshadow what the author is going to talk about and who it is dedicated to that resulted in such a pov

Matthew 1:1-17 was to show how Jesus was connected to Abraha and the 14 generations between them. This was to prove the mmessianic blood and how his birth fulfilled prophecies.

Mark 1:1-14 wrote to the Romans. Therefore it only focused on what Jesus came down on Earth to do and the type of person he truly was

Luke 1:1-4, 5-80 wrote to the mmarginalised in society and emphasised the role of unimportant people -> women and shepherds.

John 1:1-18 was more interested in the theological significance of Jesus' birth

Significance of the geneology in Matthew

-'Jewish Gospel' because it involves handful of disctinctive details about Jewish Beliefs and the Old Testament

-'Key to unlocking the Gospel' because it provokes an extended narrative that help give one contextual referene while looking at the historical info in hand, promoting a much clearer understanding. Eg. How Jesus' birth in Jerusalem led to his family ending up in Nazareth Galillee.

-Morna ****** says this is the prophetic key because it makes paralleism with Moses and Jesus which is what the OT prophets predicted

- Matthew's gosepl begins with a genealogy just like the OT started with Genesis (parallelism)

-Raymond Brown says Matthew not only addresses the Jews who would be interested in…


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