Problem of Evil Stated [PHIL2]

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Problem of Evil Stated

Types of Evil

  • Moral evil - murder, **** etc.
  • Natural evil - earthquakes, tsunamis etc.
  • Spiritual evil - dark night of the soul, crying to God with no answer etc.
  • Animal evil - cats torturing their prey before killing it.

 Epicurean Problem of Evil

Epicurus presents us with four possiblities of God's existence, analysing them in turn. God is:

  • Willing to remove evil yet unable - God is therefore feeble.
  • Unwilling yet able - God is therefore jealous.
  • Unwilling and unable - God ceases to be a God anymore.
  • Willing and able - then what are the origins of evil and why doesn't God prevent them?

Logical Problem of Evil

The logical problem of evil looks at two specific propositions with a third


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