perfumes and paints

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-non toxic

-non irritant


-insoluble in water

-non reactive

Volatility - Higher tier

Volatile liquids evaporate easily. They readily change from a liquid to a gas. This is because there are only weak attractive forces between particles in the substance. These forces are overcome easily, so particles with enough energy can escape from the liquid.

Making esters

Esters occur naturally, but can be made in the laboratory by reacting an alcohol with an organic acid. A little sulfuric acid is needed as a catalyst. This is the general word equation for the reaction:

alcohol + organic acid    →    ester + water

mixture formed by a solvent and solute is called a solution

Water is not the only solvent. Esters act as solvents, too.

The attraction between water and nail varnish particles is weaker than the attraction that joins water to


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