C3 Topic 4 Alcohols

Edexcel - notes from CGP book



Bass structure: X O H
Formular: CnH2n+1 OH

  • Flammable - burn to release CO2 and H2O
  • Methanal & Ethanal are volatile - so sotred in containers
  • 1st 3 mix with H20
  • Methanal --> Blindness Ethanol --> damages liver & Brain

"The "carbon chain" can mix with oils.

The -OH group can mix with water and ionic compounds"

1) Ethanol: solvent for perfumes/aftershave. --> Oil (smell) water (makes bullk)

2) Methylated spirit: ethanol + chemical. --> Clean paint bushes & Fuel

Alchols used as fuels - Sugar cane is fermented to form ethanol to use for fuels

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