Origins of Labour Party 1890-1906 AS Brisitsh History OCR Spec B

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The Origins of the Labour Party 1890 - 1906

  •  Socialist revival - renewed interests in principles of socalism - marked by founding of political groups dedicated to socialist ideas
  • 1840s political movement known as chartists emerged -demanded political rights for all men & fairer distribution of wealth#
  • late 1840s chartism collapse - appeal of socialism & working class protest died

Why in 18800 the ideas of socialism and the idea britain needed a seperate working class being considered

  • Das Kapital, Capital - the ideas of Karl Marx  published and translated into english in the 1870s.- Marx was german revolutionary - advanced idea that human society operated according to scientific principles - behaviour of humans determined by social laws that could be studied and applied. - human behaviour was class struggle
  • 1870 economic slumps - w/c badley affected
  • 1867 reform act - more working-class men able to vote
  • Material…


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