OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset Reforms: Main features of social reform welfare legislation

Brief outline of each of the main Reforms and why they started on children's refoms

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Main Features of Social Welfare legislation
For mothers and children: Provision of meals act
o Children too hungry and physically weak to benefit from education ­ LEAs
could provide school meals for the needy
o Wasn't compulsory so many didn't
Education Act 1907
o Medical inspections for children compulsory
Children's act 1908
o Juvenile courts and remand home ­ remove child offenders from adult
o Penalties for mistreatment of children
Old: 1908 old age pensions act
o Originally meant to be funded using funds used to pay for the Boer war
o Gave 5 shillings a week to the poor over 70
o people got pension as a right with no questions asked
o Led to tax increases
Budget 1909
o financial assistance for children and welfare
Sick and injured: Workmen's compensation act 1906
National insurance act 1911
o provide help for poor when the main bread winner was struck with ill health
o Workers had to pay a tax from their wages most resented
o arguably the most important ofr the liberal reforms
o Proovided workers with insurance against unemployment15 weeks
protection, didn't help wuth longterm unemployment
o Only important legistlation during latter half of liberal years Liberals
distracted by Ireland and Suffragettes
Unemployed: 1905 unemployed workers act
workers: 1906 trades disputes act
o (reversal of Taff vale ruling) and legislation limiting working days of miners
o More power to the unions
Possible due to nature of political debate 1900s
Centred around the issues of national efficiency
Newly formed labour party were influential
Why they started with children
most vulnerable section of society
couldn't be held blame for problems
Sickness couldn't be self inflicted of feigned due to laziness
Poverty stricken elderly had selves to blame for not saving this didn't count for
National disgrace


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