Origins of the Labour Party

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  • The origins/ development of the Labour party
    • Origins of the party and ideological roots
      • Chartist movement of 1830-40's demanded   political representing
      • More worker power,  remove social/econ inequality. Socialism - Karl Marx
      • Progress and poverty 1879 spread socialist ideals, SDF  1884. Middle class mostly
      • Keir Hardie hoped for alliance between societies and unions for a political party,
        • Socialism only, not  Labour party. SDF distrusted ILP 1899 no electoral success
    • Growth of Labour Party
      • 1890's - more employer's federations
      • More machinery, less demand for labour
      • More ILP members in local councils Keir Hardie spent £300, Merthyr Tydfil campaign
        • TUC had £3m, ideas raised about investing in ILP for MPs
        • London meeting 1900, socialist groups/TU's created LRC
          • Ramsay MacDonald secretary, achieved little at first
          • Taff Vale 1901 strikes impossible needed law change
            • 1901-3 853,000 to LRC, £5,000 fund, TU member fee, MP salaries
          • Joined Libs, Boer War,  Libs did not want to split anti-Con vote like in 1901 by election. 1903 LibLab pact. 30 Labs in 1906, adopted name of 'the Labour Party'
    • Extent of success
      • LibLab MP  Local Government Board President
        • Osbourne judgment 1909, no TU funding 78 to 56 candidates 1910. Less influence, had to wait until 1913
      • Libs reversed Taff Vale,  Trade Disputes Act
        • MacDonald unemployed bill ignored
          • Reform & oppose Lords only
            • Less wages, more militant TUs (Triple Alliance transport strike)
              • Miner's union Lib to Lab 1909, 90 seats, but many hated Lib alliance


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