Organisation culture

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Charles Handy's identified 4 different organisational cultures: 

1) Power culture

- Like a web with a ruling spider, those in this culture are dependent on the top person or particular group. 

-The main prority is maintaining a good relationship with person in charge. This organisation can be seen in small , owner managed care settings or support groups. E.g. everything regarding work or clients needs to be run by the top person at the web i.e. manager of organisation. 

2) Role culture 

- This is about bureaucracy which means it is organised according to role and authority. 

- Organizations which use this are more prone to follow policies and procedures as well as have a organised system in place. 

- As a result care systems based around this can be inflexable and find change difficult. Jobs may not be done if person is absent as everyone has indiviudla jobs to do. However this can work and create a highly stable/organised work enviroment. People may have clear job discriptions and be aware of work role. E.g. if two people are…


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