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7.3 Practitioner Roles

"You will need to examine how organisational culture can affect the work of
the practitioner in providing services and how promoting a positive care
environment can both safeguard and promote the service user’s rights" (unit 7 spec)

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Organisation culture:The way of life of a group of professionals, inculding their values and beliefs, often affects dress code, how service users are approached and treated, language used, roles and responsibilities and methods of communication

Introduced through:

- Training

- Induction period

- Policies / procedures

- Shared aims/mission statement

- Team building events

- Recruitment and selection

- Review and appraisals

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Support ¬> networking

Team building ¬> training days

Mission statement: a brief summary of the values and purposes of the organisation

Roles: the actions and activities assigned to or required/expected of a person or group

Responsibility: being accountable, trustworth and 'in charge/control'

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Barriers to organsiation culture:

- Individual does not share organisations values & beliefs.
- Inappropriate recruitment/ineffective recruitment process
- Reorganisation of job roles
- Anxiety
- Low staff morale due to: lack of support, lack of information ect
- High staff turnover

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