Practitioner roles - Unit 7 Health and Social

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  • Practitioner Roles
    • Organisational culture
      • The way of life for a particular group of professionals Could include:
        • Technical or professional language used, dress code, methods of communication used, ways in which clients are approached,the range of clearly defined roles within the organisation
      • Could be developed through additional training for staff, shared aims, team building events.
    • Mission Statements
      • A formal statement of the aims and values of an organisation
      • Advantages:
        • They can help people working in the organisation to know and understand the organisations aims.
        • They can also help service users know what to expect from the service provided by the organisation
      • Disadvantages:
        • Mission statements need to reviewed regularly to reflect all changes. It can be difficult to audit a mission statement and to establish how the organisation has performed in the previous year. Whereas a plan can be monitored to see if targets have been met.


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