Odyssey - Book 18 Summary

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  • Odysseus is outside the palace where another beggar named Arnaeus, but called Irus because he acts as a messenger, challenges Odysseus for his pitch. Odysseus threatens Irus, who scoffs because Odysseus looks too old. Antinous, hearing them, summons the other suitors to the imminent fight, for which he provides a prize and the privilege of being the only beggar allowed at the palace. After Odysseus makes sure there will be no cheating or interference, and Telemachus backs up the promises, Odysseus strips to fight. He reveals hefty musculature that frightens Irus. Antinous makes Irus fight. Odysseus knocks him out and carries him to the courtyard where he tells him off.
  • The suitors are nice to Odysseus and say Irus should be shipped to a legendary, evidently evil king names Echetus. Antinous gives Odysseus a goat sausage. Amphinomus provides loaves and wine. Odysseus warns him of the mischief perpetrated by the suitors and of the…


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