Places in the Odyssey- table with explanations and quotes

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Places in the Odyssey
Place Name Book Summary Time Men lost Evidence
Troy 1, 4, Odysseus begins his adventure at Troy. As a general, he went 10 Many `Odysseus and his party were already sitting in the
8, 11 to go command in the Trojan War. The war raged on for ten years assembly place in Troy, concealed within the horse
full years with no end in sight. Luckily for the Greeks, the `But Odysseus held us back and checked our
shrewd Odysseus formulated a very cunning ruse. The Trojan impetuosity'
Horse was his brilliant scheme: a giant wooden horse, `he disfigured himself'
supposedly a gift to the Trojans, filled with Greek men ready to
spring a surprise attack. This strategy won the war for the
Greeks. Unfortunately for Odysseus, his arrogance and lack of
worship to the Gods caused Poseidon to have distaste towards
Ismarus 9 Who: Native people 1 day 6 from `The wind brought me to Ismarus'
Cicones Odysseus landed on the Island of the Cicones after the Trojan each ship `I sacked this place and destroyed its menfolk'
War. His men raided the island and pillaged its luxuries. were `I said we must escape with all possible speed, but m
Odysseus urged his men to take what was needed and leave killed, in fools of men refused'
quickly, but they did not listen; their greed kept them on the total 72 `the Cicones went and raised a cry of help among oth
island. As they were looting, the Cicones' army attacked men Cicones, who are more numerous and better men
Odysseus's men while they were busy enjoying themselves in a `At dawn they were on us, thick as leaves'
drunken stupor. Odysseus's men were fighting a losing battle, `The Cicones gained the upper hand'
but they fought on bravely. Six benches of men on each ship `six of my stronggreaved comrades from each ship
were lost. were killed'

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Places in the Odyssey
Tunisia, North 9 Who: Native people 1 day 0 `We reached the country of the lotus eaters'
Africa After the Island of the Cicones, Odysseus landed on the Island roughl `I sent some of my followers inland to sense what so
Lotus eaters of the Lotus Eaters. The Lotus is a plant that forces the eater to y of human beings might be there'
lose all grip on reality.…read more

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Places in the Odyssey
Aeolia 10 Who: King Aeolus, with six sons married to his six daughters 1 0 `He had given his daughters to his sons in marriage
King: Aeolus month `They are always feasting'
Odysseus next lands on Aeolia, home of Aeolus, god of the `For a whole month Aeolus entertained me and
winds. Here Odysseus and his crew feasted and entertained questioned me on everything'
king Aeolus with tales and answered questions on Troy.…read more

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Places in the Odyssey
Odysseus lands on Aeaea, home to Circe. Odysseus sends some `Circe invited them to enter'
of his men to scout out the area, but when they do not return, `Eurylochus suspected a trap and stayed outside'
he becomes worried. Circe turns them into pigs. All of `In this dish she introduced a noxious drug'
Odysseus's men do not return, so Odysseus himself sets off to `Now they had pigs heads and bristles and grunted l
see why.…read more

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Places in the Odyssey
`Come spend the rest of the day here, enjoying foo
and wine'
`So the whole day long till sunset, we sat and feaste
`if you hurt the cattle, I predict the destruction of yo
`when your crew have carried you past the sirens, tw
routes will be open to you'
Sirens 12 Who: The sirens Briefly 0 `The sirens bewitch everybody who approaches the
The Sirens sing a song that no man can resist to passing ships.…read more

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Places in the Odyssey
Odysseus's next stop is Thrinacia, the island of the sun god's `there came into my mind the words of Tieresias and
cattle. His men land here and Odysseus warns them to not Circe which had been so insistent to avoid this islan
touch any of the cattle. A storm is raging on, and they are `drive the ship past the island'
imprisoned on the island with no food.…read more

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Places in the Odyssey
Ogygia 5 Who: Calypso 7 years All crew `The gods washed me up on the island of Ogygia'
Odysseus continued to float after his encounter with Scylla and already `she found him sitting on the shore, his eyes were w
Charybdis. He eventually ended up on the island of Ogygia, dead with weeping'
home of Calypso. Calypso is a nymph and a temptress. She `they found pleasure in making love'
tried to seduce Odysseus.…read more


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