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Davitz & Davitz (1961) - PARALINGUISTICS

Aim: see effect of paralinguistics on assessment of emotion

Method: pps asked to listen to tape recordings & assess speakers' emotions from paralinguistic cues: tone of voice, emphasis & intonation

Results: high level accuracy in recognising emotions: affection, amusement, disgust & fear.

Conc: paralinguistics has great importance when judging emotion

Argyle (1968) - EYE CONTACT

Aim: see how interrupting eye contact affects convos

Method: pairs of pps observed having convos. in 1/2, one of pps wore dark glasses so other couldn't get eye contact.

Results: when dark glasses worn, more pauses and interruptions than when not worn

Conc: eye contact is important in ensuring smooth flow of convo

Sackiem (1978) - FACIAL EXPRESSION

Aim: look at relationship between facial expressions and brain hemispheres

Method: pics of faces showing diff emotions cut down middle. New pics made with each half face and its mirror image. each pair of new faces shown to pps. they were asked which liked better.

Results: most pps said prefer pic of left half and its reflection. when asked why, they said person looked 'warmer'.

Conc: left side of face seems to express emotion much more than right side.

McGinley, Lefevre


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