Nature nurture debate psyb4 12/12


Discuss the nature nurture approach in psychology. Refer to at least 2 other topics in your essay. [12]


The nature nurture debate is a common debate in psychology. The debate asks if nature or biological factors are what determines behaviour; or is nurture (referencing socioeconomic factors) have the greater influence on behaviour.

Nature supporters believe that all behaviours are a result of genes and genetic makeup of individuals. It suggests that disorders such as Downs Syndrome are inherited and have a genetic basis. This side of the debate uses twin and adoption studies to establish a genetic basis of behaviour, such studies show the inheritability of different disorders in an attempt to establish cause and effect.

Nurture is the counter argument to this debate. This end of the spectrum believe that behaviour is due to the individual’s environment and environmental experiences, it is concerned with the socialisation of the individual and the effect t such has on behaviour. An example of this is the Social Learning approach to psychology, this theory believes that environment has a great impact on behaviour.

In modern psychology most do not have an extremist view of either debate and consider the idea of an active passive environment along with an interactionist approach; both play a key role in many applications including the


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