Music AoS1: And the Glory of the Lord

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  • Composed 1742
  • Baroque
  • One chorus from 'Messiah'
  • Messiah- Oratorio

Key Facts:

  • Chorus=Choir
  • 2 Violins, 1 Viola, 1 Cello, 1 Organ
  • Cello and Organ=Basso Continuo
  • Treble, Alto, and Bass Clef

Harmony and Tonality:

  • Starts in Tonic Amajor
  • Modulates- Emajor (Dominant) bar22, Amajor bars43-63, Bmajor bar68, Emajor bar94, Amajor bar102
  • Ends in Plagal Cadence (Chords IV-I) (ONLY TIME PLAGAL)


  • Melody and Accompaniment bar11/beat2-bar14/beat1
  • Homophony bar14/beat2-bar17/beat1, bar33/beat2-bar38, bar135/beat3-bar137
  • Polyphony bar17/beat3-bar33/beat1
  • No monophony

Rhythm and Metre:

  • Time sig. 3/4
  • Fast tempo (allegro) until last 3 bars when very slow (adagio)

Main Ideas:

  • Vocal parts are made up of four ideas
  • 1st: 'And the glory of the Lord' Alto bar11/beat2-bar14/beat1
  • 2nd: 'Shall be revealed' Tenor bar17/beat3-bar20/beat2
  • 3rd: 'And all flesh shall see it together' Alto


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