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Affection The mood of the piece of music.

It was normal for Baroque pieces to show one mood in one movement.

Diatonic Notes belonging to or literally 'of the key'

Homophonic Texture ­ melody + accompaniment.

Monophonic Texture ­ single melody line

Polyphonic Texture- two or more different melody lines…

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Sonata Form A structure made of 3 sections ­ Exposition, Developement,

Symphony Made up of 3 or 4 movements and designed for orchestras.
Sonata Form was normally used for the first and last

Rondo Structure made up if sections which reappear (A) and other
sections which contrast (B/C)…

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Romanticism When the artist is more concerned with feeling than structure.
C. 1800-1900

Augmented 6th chord Chord with an augmented 6th ­ One semitone bigger

Diminished 7th chord Chord with a diminished 7th ­ One semitone smaller

Dominant 13th chord Chord V (5th - dominant) with the 13th note.



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