Montgomery Bus Boycott & Rosa PArks - Timeline & notes Race & American Society AS OCR Spec B

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Professor Jo Ann Robinson writes to mayor warnin of possible bus boycott
Martin Luther King JR becomes paster of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

2 March - Claudette Colvin 15yr old African American arrested for violating bus segregation laws - pregnant un married teen accused of assult - not sutiable for court case
21 October - Mary Louise Smith - 18 also arrested
1st December - Rosa Parks an African American Woman is arrested for violating bus segregation laws & is charged with disordely conduct *KEY DATE*
2nd December - stage for  bus boycot being set by Montgomery black activists - Jo Ann Robionson , Fred Grey , E.D Nixon
5 December - Rosa Parks convicted & fined by city courts
                     One day boycott has 90% of regular black riders staying off buses
                     Reverednd King Jr elected president of newly formed MIA (montgomery Improvement Association)
                    Thousand attended MIA's 1st meeting to support continuing bus boycott
8 December - Proposal about bus seating policy that leaves buses still segregated
13 December - MIA opperates car pool system
16 December - biracial committee supposidelly formed to negotiate with bus officials & MIA
19 December Biracal committee meets but can't reach compromise

9 January - MIA meets city comissioners
23 January - tough policy announced by mayor - no negotiations with MIA
26 January - King charged with speeding & jailes - police using any excuse to arrest
30 January - Attorney urges executive board MIA…


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