US civil rights: 1953-1956

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  • American civil rights: 1953-1956
    • 1953
      • 19th-24th June: the Baton Rouge bus boycott takes place
    • 1954
      • 17th May: the SC rules in case Brown v. Board of Education against segregation in public schools
    • 1955
      • Keys v. Carolina Coach Co. is decided by the SC, closing a legal loophole used by bus companies to impose segregation
      • 2nd March: Claudette Colvin is arrested
      • 1st December: Rosa Parks is arrested
      • 5th December: the Montgomery Bus Boycott begins
    • 1956
      • February: four state legislatures pass interposition resolutions
      • 20th December: the Montgomery Bus Boycott ends
      • 5th June and 13th June: the SC rules in Browder v. Gayle against bus segregation
      • 13th November: the Supreme Court upholds its previous ruling in the case Browder v. Gayle


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