Miracles NOW

  • Modern Case: Jeanne Fretel diagnosed with tuberculosis and Peritonitus - incurable, doctors said no hope. She goes to Lourdes (Catholic shrine many people go to on pilgrimmage), receives communion in the church and bathes in the pool in cave called the The Grotto under church and is completely cured of this illness. 
  • Hume would say doctor may have miscalculated something or natural explanation for recovery
  • Swinburne would say evidence needs to be looked at- suggest no reason to deny story. 
  • Could match Tillich's criteria for miracles
  • Popular modern definition of miracles for religious believers/philosophers that its a sign pointing to God 
  • Paul Tillich supports this - its a sign of religious significance not about God violating laws of nature or acting like a magician. 
  • He goes on to identify characteristics of miracles: 1) they are astonishing but that doesnt mean they have to be violating laws of nature. 2) They reveal something about God's nature   3) It is this revelation of God that causes an ecstatic overwhelming experience for recipient.
  • e.g. Jesus forgives paralysed man's sins and heals him showing forgiveness of God…


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