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Consider the view that miracles by definition cannot happen

How we understand what miracles are is central to debating the possibility of their occurrence. David
Hume provided a now widely used definition of a miracle and argued that we can never know if
miracles happen. However, other philosophers such as…

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out; and people tend to be believe what they want to believe - we have a natural disposition to
gossip and exaggerate details.

Aquinas, a thirteenth century monk, may disagree with Hume. Aquinas placed a strong emphasis on
the work of God when defining a miracle and divided them into…

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nature or intervention from a supernatural being, can be seen as miraculous. For a religious believer,
however, it may not be sufficient to include coincidences as a miracle as it removes God and the need
for His power.

In conclusion, miracles can be defined in many similar yet different ways.…


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