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By Beth Clark…read more

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Hume's definition of a miracle
· Defined a miracle as `a transgression of a natural law by a
particular violation of the deity'
· Also known as a violation or breaking of a natural law.
· For example moses parting the red sea.…read more

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Objections to the violation rule
· Assumes we know what the laws of nature are. Scientific
knowledge is constantly changing. Perhaps the law of gravity
isn't as constant as we assume. Unless we know all the laws
of nature, we are unable to comment on whether something
is a miracle, however unusual.
· Alastair Mc Kinnon said that if the laws of nature merely
describe the actual course of events, then to define miracles
in this way is to call it an event that disrupts the actual course
of events. This is of course, self-contradictory.…read more

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Are miracles events with religious
· R.F. Holland gives the story of a boy playing on a railway line
but is saved and the train stops just a few meters short,
because of many factors leading the train to stop. These
events are perfectly natural but the boy's mother sees them
as significant and an act of God.
· Hence Holland argues that miracles are not necessarily
violations of the laws of nature but are any event that
happens that a person experiences as having religious
significance.…read more

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Miracles in the old testament
· Generally acts of God that support and help the faithful. They
demonstrate the Glory of God.…read more

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Miracles in the New Testament
· Around Jesus.
· There are over 30 recorded miracles in the four gospels. They
are usually divided into 3 categories Healings, exorcisms and
nature miracles. These miracles are recorded by the writers of
the gospels as demonstrations of the kingdom of God. They
bear witness that Jesus is the Messiah.
· John's Gospels refer to the miracles a signs; they point to the
fact that Jesus is the son of God and the new covenant is a far
better replacement for the old way of doing things.
· Covenant: a binding agreement. Agreements made between
humans and God.…read more

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