• Have to think about definition of a miracle..
  • Many take the belief that miracles are caused by God. Aquinas would take this view defining miracles as 'that which has a divine cause'
  • David Hume definites miracles as 'violations against the laws of nature' (he was not a believer of miracles but had to define them in order to argue against them)
  • What is important regarding miracles is how one approaches the question of God's activity in the World
  • The Bible presents an image of God acting in his creation in several ways:
  • healing people, defeating armies, answering prayers, creating storms
  • e.g. Parting red sea for Moses
  • The book of Joshua is full of stories of God fighting for the people of Israel and being victorious against their enemies. 
  • The miracles of Jesus are signs pointing to God and reveal God to the people
  • In the New Testament, Jesus' birth and his death and resurrection all point to God and miracles
  • Philosophers raised questions about God being able to perform miracles and not stopping people's suffering for example if he could stop the holocaust and is good, why didnt he? or if he can manipulate the sea cant he stop…


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