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·         A transgression of a law of nature by a particular violation of the Deity (Hume)

·         Will most likely remain ambivalent and become a ‘seeing-as’ issue.

·         Holland argues that if you pray for someone’s safety and they are saved by an unexpected turn of events (etc.) then that also can be consider a miracle.


Do Miracles Happen?


·         Under Holland’s view they happen all the time! How are we to distinguish?

·         Natural laws are retrospectively formed to cover what has actually happened, and from this we can declare a priori that there are no miracles – widen natural laws

·         That does not mean there is no divine intervention however. Resurrection of Jesus etc.

·         Things once thought miraculous can turn out not to be (radioactive rock)

·         HUME

o    Regular laws of nature that happen day after day – impossible to prove a miracle

o    The falsehood would have to be


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