Maurice Wiles and Miracles

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  • Maurice Wiles (1923-2005)
    • Wiles suggests that miracles do not take place
    • He does not argue on the basis of science or rationality as Hume did
      • "the motion of a miracle cannot simply be rules out on scientific grounds as logically impossible, since the world we know is not a closed, deterministically ordered system"
    • Wiles argued on the basis of morality
      • If God does intervene in the world and brings miracles, then God is immoral
        • That would mean God brings about miracles for some, but not others. Why would he cure a single blind man but not help thousands in the Holocaust?
    • He also argued that it would be impossible for God to break natural laws all the time because this would create chaos in which we would not understand how the world works or be able to live normal lives
    • He concludes that there are three options:
      • 1. God intervenes all the time and there is chaos
      • 2. God intervenes sometimes and God is seemingly unfair and partial
      • 3. God does not intervene in the world
        • Wiles argues that it must be the 3rd option
          • It is more important that God is just, fair and omnibenevolent than that he brings about miracles


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