Swinburne and Miracles

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  • Richard Swinburne and Miracles
    • Swinburne argued that there is evidence of miracles from historical evidence
    • His historical evidence that he used as evidence for miracles included:
      • 1. our memory of miracles
      • 2. the testimony of others that miracles took place
      • 3. the physical traces left behind by the miracles
      • 4. the results of miracles, e.g. an unexplained sudden healing
      • Swinburne could also apply the principles of testimony and credulity
        • Principle of testimony:
          • Unless there is evidence otherwise, we should believe a witness' testimony about a miracle that they saw
        • Principle of credulity
          • Unless there is evidence otherwise, we should believe that things are as they seem to be; people claim that they have seen a miracle so we should accept that they did


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