The Problem of Miracles

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  • The Problem of Miracles
    • Definitions
      • Aquinas
        • events which nature could not preform / in that order / that quickly
      • Swinburne
        • an event of an extraordinary kind brought about by God and of a religious significance
      • Holland
        • an event which could be coincidental in which someone sees deep religious significance
      • Tillich
        • an event which is astonishing, unusual & shaking without contradicting the rational structure of reality
      • Hume
        • an event which breaks the laws of nature
    • David Hume
      • Scottish Philosopher
      • he believed that natural laws had been proven constant and unchanging therefore they are very improbable and unlikely to be broken
        • he said that it is always more likely that the witness of a miracle is mistaken or lying
      • he stated that believing in miracles was irrational because it was highly improbable and lacked evidence
      • Hume gave 4 a posteriori (from experience)  reasons for why there is inadequate evidence for miracles


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