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Section 5 Miracles
Part A Outline two definitions of the term `miracle.' Examine key reasons for
believing in miracles.

Part B Comment on the view that these reasons for believing in miracles are
more persuasive than potential criticisms.

Part A


A miracle is something that is believed to have…

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Ockham's Razor

Ockham's Razor states that the idea of God being behind miracles is the most
simple way of explaining miracles, so therefore must be correct. This is logical,
so we can observe this as being a key reason for believing in miracles.


In the bible, God revealed himself…

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Peter Vardy claimed that God cannot be the one to cause miracles, because he
only seems to help certain people. Why does a supposedly benevolent God
not save everyone? For example, during the holocaust, why did he only choose
to save certain lives? Therefore, the definition of miracles that everyone…


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