Judeo-Christian influences

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Judeo-Christian influences 


•God exists because the bible says so

•Some believe the words are literally what God said, others believe God inspired humans to write the messages down

•The bible opens with accounts of God and creation

•There are 2 creation stories in Genesis where God is portrayed as:

      1.Creator of the universe

      2.More detail and a relationship with humans

•Old and New Testament show both Jewish and Christians believe God has a continued relationship with his creation

•Bible was written by men, for men which is why God is seen as a man


•Latin – Creation from nothing

•God created entire universe along with everything in existence out of nothing

•A deliberate but good action by God 

•God is the master of the world and his creation, but he remains outside of his creation


•Humans are regarded as the highest point in his creation according the Genesis

•Genesis 1 – Universe created piece by piece and finally humanity is placed on earth to rule it

•Genesis 2 – Brief account of creation, earth and plant life, but it’s clear these were set up for God’s greatest creation which is humanity…


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