Judeo Christian influences

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  • Judeo-Christian influences:
    • God as a creator:
      • The concept of God as creator:
        • 1. "six days"version- God creating my word
          • God said, "light& dark,waters above& below sky, heaven separated from earth"
        • 2. Story of Adam& Eve- God moulding/crafting things into existence
      • Bible:
        • 1. God causes universe to exist
          • 2. God responsible for universe coming to existence,sustaining it
            • 3.God responsible for everything in universe
      • God set apart from universe- Trancendent
      • GEN 1.
        • Concerned with creation of universe
        • God able to create via word alone-omipotence
        • Shows that God pre-exists creation of world
      • GEN 2.
        • Creation of Adam& Eve(The Fall)
        • Differ from GEN1. - God pictured super-human way- Anthropomorphically- walking
        • Adam created/crafted
          • "Of dust from the earth and is breathed into the breath of life"
        • Purpose of mankind
          • "The Lord God took man& put him in GOE"
      • God- Crasftman
        • Skilled builder- JOB 38=  Seen as designer-laid foundations of earth
        • GEN 2.- Making Adam-
          • "From dust is likened to a potter shaping the clay"
            • Human-like image of God- Anthrompomorphic
        • Relationship between man& God - Reward or punish
    • The Goodness of God:
      • "God is good"
        • Actions in bible reflects
          • Story of Hannah- Prays to god (child)
            • Shows God's goodness, accepts prayers- benefits people
        • Morally perfect
        • Care shown through activity in world
        • Commands of God seen as good
          • Story of Abraham-God tells to sacrifice son. immoral?
        • 10 commandants-  matter of moral action
      • Problems raised- God's goodness
        • Can there be good despite all evil in the world?
      • God as a law-giver& judge:
        • God= Morally perfect- Source of all goodness
        • God= Perfectly good- Lacks nothing, ultimate standard of goodness
        • Giving laws- show compassion to humanity
        • God seen as judge who will bring escatological justice- Primary enforcer
        • Exodus 20- 10 commandments
      • Richard: Goodness is what God is identified with- the idea of God existing without goodness is asburd


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