God the Creator in Scripture

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God The Creator

In the Bible God is called a Creator.

Judeo-Christian tradition of God:

-God causes the universe to exist.

-God is responsible for the universe coming into existence and continuing to exist. 

-God is responsible for everything which exists within the universe. 

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Genesis 1

Genesis 1

God creating the Earth.

God's spirit (Breath/wind) moves over the Earth and shapes it. God commands things to come into existence.It is Good who brings all into existence.

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Genesis 2

God creating people.

Walking in the garden of Eden.

Anthropomorphic view- likens God to humans, gives Him human traits.

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Isaiah 40

God is described as watching over creation.

God is in control of his creation and is responsible for it's existence. 

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The Craftsman

God is compared to a craftsman in Job 38- a designer who created the very foundations of the earth. 

Is in control of the sun and moon- now explainable by science. 

Genesis 2- God makes Adam from the dust- like a potter shaping the clay.

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God In Control

Isaiah 40:

God sits above the Earth.

Has the power to reduce princes to nothing.


God in control when he throws Adam and Eve out of Eden.

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Creatio ex Nihilo (Creation out of nothing)

God created the world out of nothing. 

God's spirit hovers over the formless void and controls it.

Fits in with the idea of the universe and time all beginning at the big bang.

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Humans in Creation

Jewish Scripture:

Humans are at the top of the hierachy for all life.

Genesis 1:

Made in the image of God:

- Human beings are superior and placed above all other living creatures

- Human beings have a priviledged place in the world.

Genesis 2:

Adam and Eve disobeying God.

God provides a paradise for humans as long as they follow His laws. 

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Beauty in Creation

Creator of an ordered, beauutiful and harmonious world.

Seen in the Garden of Eden before the Fall.

Christians- beauty of creation reveals the Creator.

Genesis 2-3: disharmony within creation is caused by humans disobeying God. 

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