Issues of Relationships - Family

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What is a family?

Family is where all human relationships begin and develop. The norms and values of society are lived out in practice and a new generation of children are brought up into adulthood.

Types of family:

Nuclear - two parents and one or more children living in the same house

Extended - a number of adults and children who are related living in the same home,  for example, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents all living together and sharing family roles

Reconstituted - when people who are divorced get remarried and create a family made of step-parents and step-siblings/children.

Single-parent - where one parent raises one or more children alone (the number of this type of family is increasing in Britain due to an increased rate of divorce)

Childless - when a married / cohabiting couple are either unable to or decide not to have children (same-sex couples are often a childless family)

Examples of roles and responsibilities in a family:

-Caring for children and other family members I.e. elderly relatives

-Manitaining the family home

-Earning money to support the family

Roles of men and women in a family

Both men and women aim to provide love, comfort, protection and support for each other and for any…


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