Religious Studies GCSE Mock Ethics


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Human Relationships

  • roles in the men and woman in a 
    • family
    • christian family 
    • church family
  • marriage and marriage ceremonies
    • the ways in which the ceremonies reflect
    • emphasis christian teaching about marriage 
  • Responces to civil partnership
  • Divorce
    • Beliefs about the ethics of divorce
    • Beliefs about the ethics or re-marriage
  • sexual relationships and contraception 
    • Beliefs about sexual realationships 
    • Beliefs about contraception
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Medical Ethics

  • issues of birth and death are not moral issues, they are just pratical matters 
  • scientific development in the creation and ending of life have gone too far
  • every woman has the right to have a child
  • the right to die woth dignity is just as important as the right of life.
  • cloning and embryo research are necessary in todays world
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Poverty and wealth

  • Religious views of wealth
  • the causes of hunge, poverty and dieases
  • Wealth
  • Responces to the needs of starving 
  • poor and sick 
    • concern for others 
    • biblical teaching about caring for others 
    • understanding of charity 
    • different ways is put into practice 
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  • the poor nation needs trade not aid 
  • you can't be a rich christian
  • there is too much poverty for us to cope with, so Christians should only concentrate on local needs 
  • it does not matter what job people do as long as they can support their families


  • poverty- having little or maybe no money/material possessions
  • Charity- to give help or money to those in need 
  • Usury- loaning money and chagrining interest at an unfair high rate.
  • Philanthropist- someone who donates money, goods, services or time to help cause which benefits society.
  • tithe- christians practice of giving a tenth of their income to charity
  • MEDC/LEDC- more economically developed countries (UK) less economically developed countries (Malawi)
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  • the marriage vowsare form a time when people died young and marriage was short. you can't expect people to keep their vows for a life time today.
  • Christian views on sex and marriage are no longer relevent today.
  • civil partnerships should be replaced by marriage ceremonies 
  • the church should allow people to be divorced
  • divorced people who want to get married should not be allowed christian marriage ceremony 
  • being able to forgive is the most important part thing in a relationship
  • love is all you need in a relationship


  • marriage- is a civil or religious commitment 
  • Christian marriage- a convant/holy relationship
  • Divorce- the legal ending of a marriage 
  • Adultery- a married person sleeping with another person.
  • civil partnership- gay relationships
  • Annulment- a marriage ended by the church
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medical ethic

  • Attitudes to abortion 
  • Different attitudes towards abortion 
    • Reasons of different attitudes
  • Attitudes to fertility treatment 
    • responces to issues raised by fertility treatment and cloning 
  • Attitudes to euthanasia and suicide 
    • different attitudes towards euthanasia 
    • Different attitudes towards suicide
    • Reasons for different attitudes
  • using animals in medical search 
    • beliefs about the use of animals in medical search
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