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Christianity and Islamic views

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Issues of Sex


- gift from God

- contraceptives acceptable but only if both partners agree

- casual sex not acceptable

- adultery against God's law (10 commandments)

- Roman Catholic priests should be celibate

- Roman Catholics = no contraception unless to stop the spread of AIDS

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Issues of Sex


- sex only in marriage

- considered an act of worship

- contraception types such as pill and condom are more accepted then other methods which are harder to reverse

- promises of faithfullness made in wedding

- adultery is seen as theft

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Marriage, Cohabitation and Same-sex Relationships


- most don't have a arranged marriage

- Roman Catholic = marriage is sacrament

- same sex partnerships have a mixed response. Some agree, some don't

- marriage held in a church, chapel or cathedral (God's house)

- everyone present is a witness

- purpose is stated at start of service. Vows are taken to show commitment

- exchange of rings. Sing hymns and sermons are given

-sign a register to show couple is married

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Marriage, Cohabitation and Same-sex Relationships


 - many preparation before the wedding e.g. dowry  arranged, family helps find the right partner, family play a big part in the courtship, supervised meetings.

- Same sex relationships not allowed

- usually conducted by a authority figure e.g. vicar

- often follow customs of country

- usually held in front of family and friends

- many have arranged marriage. No set ceremony. Can take place anywhere

- ceremony includes recitation from Qur'an to show blessing from Allah. Agreement to dowry made. Bride does not have to be there. Contract signed. Possible exchange of vows. Walimah (reception) happens. Couple can now live together.

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Divorce and Remarriage


Anglican, Methodist etc:

- divorce is accepted

- remarriage is discouraged but if chosen some prefer a non church wedding followed by a Church blessing.

- no minister can be foced to conduct a remarriage service

Roman Catholic:

- divorce is not recognised

- marriage is a sacrament and can only be annulled (dissolved)

- annulment can happen for cases like when a partner was foced to marry

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Divorce and Remarriage


- divorce is allowed as a last resort

- husband must state 3 times on different occasions in front of witness that the marriage is over

- the iddah period (3 months) follows. Couple have to stay in the house without having sex to try for reconciliation

- divorce means the wife gets the rest of the dowry (mahr)

- remarriage is allowed

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