Islam - 3 M's (Mosque, Marriage, and Muhammad)

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Features of a Mosque

Dome: Allows air to circulate. Amplifies voice of Immam.
Minaret: Call to prayer by the Muezzin, although loud speakers can now be used also.
Star and Cresent: Dome and minaret sometimes have these on the top of them. It is the main symbol of Islam. 5 points on star symbolises 5 pillars.
Gardens: Incase Mosque is too crowded and hot. Fountains symbolise peace. Water can be used to wash if wash room is too crowded.
Prayer Hall:
the large hall where the daily prayers take place.
Womens worship area: prepare and prayer for worship separately from men. Often a blacony. Area is smaller as fewer women attend.
Washing facilities:
Where wudu takes place. Washing shows respect for Allah and other worshippers - hygiene. Outdoor shoes are removed before entering. Separate washing areas for men and women - so that you are not self concious, your mind is focused on Allah.
Mihrab: Alcove on the wall, facing direction of the Ka'bah, so that everyone knows which direction to pray in.
Minbar: 3 steps to raise the Immam so they can be seen and heard during prayers.

Marriage and the Family Home

Marriage: Very important part of the Muslim life, as it means that you can have a family and carry on spreading the Muslim faith.
Divorce: Seen as the last resort, only if the Iddah (3 months to reconcile) is completed without consideration, and the couple think that there is no way of staying together happily.
Arranged Marriages: Parents choose your new partner, as they are seen to know you best, and will make the best choice for you. Do not see your new spouse until after you are married.
Family Importance: Family is one of the most important things in Islam. Even when family members get older, they are not to be sent to a home to be looked after, their family will look after them until death. All chores


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Muhammad moved to Yathrib from Makkah. There, he was respected and they changed the name Yathrib to Medinah.  He was prosecuted in Makkah, causing him to migrate (the migration was called the Hijrah) along with his followers... Makkah wasn't the place where he was respected at first... It took a couple of wars to conquer Makkah and make it Muslim...

The Mosque section and Marriage were helpful, but the section about Muhammad was slightly inaccurate at times. Thanks though!