Islamic Ethics - Relationships and Lifestyle

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Islamic attitudes to marriage

Families are the basic foundation of every Islamic society

  • A secure family unit = peace + security across the whole of the society
  • Two main types of family --> Nuclear (parents+children) and Extended (larger unit inc. grandparents, aunts/uncles etc.)
  • All have duty to each other to ensure they are cared for physically, emotionally + financially

Marriage - very important within Islam (only situation where sexual relationships can occur)

'The Prophet said that when a man marries he completes half of his faith' Hadith

  • Marriage shows compassion, love, tolerance + forgiveness
  • Gives people opportunity to practice many virtues of a good Muslim

Polygamy - Men may marry up to 4 wives in Islamic teachings

  • 1st wife must agree + man must ensure all wives are treated fairly
  • Historically, polygamy was created to protect women (who had lost husbands in battles)

Parents assist their child in finding a suitable marriage partner

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Islamic Attitudes to the family (+ different roles

Roles of Parents - Equal but diff. roles of men + women within a marriage + as parents

Man = head of household, responsibilty to make decisions + money for family (due to greater physical strength given by Allah), whisper Bismallah into ear of newborn

Woman = Responsible for home + for education of children

Both = Look after home, love + care for children, set good example, ensure child attends madrassah (to learn to read Qur'an + Islamic teachings), instruct how to keep halal + follow 5 pills

Role of children - Duty to Allah and then their parents to behave + be respectful

'And treat your parents with kindness' 

The Elderly - have special importance, treated with profound respect

  • Many Muslim families have parents move in with them, caring for parents is an honour + pleasure
  • Retirement can be a time when elderly can focus on faith
  • Mosques = meeting place for elderly to study Qur'an in greater detail (more time in retirem.)
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Contraception - Allowed as sex is for more than procreation (provided doesn't include termination of foetus + wife gives full consent)

Sex outside of marriage is forbidden -> ensures indiv.s retain dignity + children need to be born into a stable family unit 

Zina + fornication -> strictly forbidden + punishable with corporal/capital punishment in some countries

Homosexuality - Hadud (unforgiv) as it goes against natural law (therefore against Allah's will)

  • Severe penalties
  • 4 reliable witnesses must testify against them (hard to punish)
  • Will be judged by Allah on Day of Judgement
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Islamic Attitudes to Drug Use

Legal (halal):

  • Prescription intended to cure illness -> Islam supports medical research
  • For good of humanity + respectful to bodies (gift from Allah)

"If anyone saved a life it would be as though he saved a life of the whole people." Qur'an

Tobacco - Highly addictive + poison (khamr) + harms others + wastes money

Alcohol - Haram - tempts people away from Allah's will - can't pray properly (prayers not heard 40 days after) - wasteful of money

Illegal Drugs - Haram - Similar effects to alc. - Can't focus on Allah (Taqwa) - Compassion to those addicted

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Islamic Attitudes to Uses of Money

Gambling + alcohol = 'handiwork of Satan' Qur'an- clouds person's mind -> unable to pray properly

  • Gambling 'the sin outweighs the benefit' Qur'an
  • Money donated to mosque from gambling was rejected
  • Muslims should give Sadaqah (voluntary giving above Zakah)

USURY (Riba) - Charging interest on loans - unjust as makes money from those in need

  • Wrong to flaunt wealth idolizing material goods = unfocused on Taqwa and Shirk
  • Responsibility to help families in financial struggles
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Islamic Schools

Madrassah - Islam

  • Important as greater understanding of faith
  • Learn Allah's will and so this is a form of worship (Ibadah)

"Anyone who searches for knowledge, God will make easy for him the way to Paradise" Hadith

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