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  • Muhammad's role in Makkah and Madinah- e.g. warner
    • "[Muhammad] You are only a Warner and for every nation there is a guide"- 13, 7
    • There are two types of surahs- Makkan and Madinan surahs. The Madinan and Makkah surahs address differently- if it says "O ye who believe" "O people of the book"- Christian, Jews- those who lived in Madinah at the time. The Makkah surahs say "O mankind" or "O people".
    • Leader
      • Challenges- in order to prove to the Quraysh that the Qur'an was from God and that Muhammad was his messenger, some of the Makkan verses challenged the Arabs to imitate the Qur'an- "Alif Laam Meem", "Saad"- way of teasing the Arabs, who didn't follow Muhammad.
        • Allah revealed the Qur'an with the same letters but the words could not be imitated.
          • "And if you all are in doubt about what I have revealed to My servant, bring a single chapter like it".
    • Politically- Fiqh- Islamic law- "In them is a great sin, and(some) beenfits for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit"- 2:219.
    • Hijra is a 'flight' from Makkag to Madinah.
      • Yathrib was going through a period of chaos.
        • Prophet Muhammad lead the Muslims to Yathrib.
          • He told them to ensure that they did not have any debt behind because the Quraysh could use it against them.
            • Jews of Yathrib awaiting the Prophet's arrival.
              • Al Ameen(trustworthy)- was good at mediation.
    • Moral man
      • He was merely mortal- like all men.
        • "Am I nothing but a mortal, a messenger"- 17:93(MAS Abdel Haleem, The Qur'an, Oxford UP, 2004),
    • Warner
      • Muhammad's role was to warn the Jews and Christians of the fire of hell
        • A warner can perform no miracles- reiterates the idea that he is man.
          • Announcer or bearer of good news.
            • Muhammad brings exhorts to the Meccans to worship none but Allah.
              • Warner and bringer juxtapose.
    • Prophet
      • "So believe in Allah and his messenger, the prophet who can neither read nor write"- Pickthall emphasises God's divinity as he is able to make someone illiterate into a prophet.
        • "Iqra"- first words revealed. The words of the Qur'an were engraved into the Prophet's heart.
          • After the Hijra- the use of the term prophet increased.
            • "he is God's messenger an the seal of the prophets"(33:40)- Haleem.
    • Untitled
    • Social- constitution
      • Article 3
        • Article 15- prohibitation of favouritism.
          • Article 16- collective resistance against injustice, tyranny and mischief.
            • Article 17- Prohibition of killinf of a Muslim by a Muslim.
              • Article 18- Guarantee of equal right of life protection for all the Muslims.
    • Political- constitution
      • Article 2
        • Article 4
          • Article 5-12
            • Article 13
    • Sociiopolitical
      • Article 15
        • Article 19- Distinctive identity of the Muslims against other constitutional communities.
          • Mixture
            • Article 20- Non-Muslim minorities-Jews have the same right of life protection as Muslims.


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