Explain the importance of Prophet Muhammad for Muslims


Explain the importance of Prophet Muhammad for Mus

He is mentioned in the first pillar of Islam,  the Shahadah

- Declaration of faith: “there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”; first thing a baby should hear and last thing a dying person should hear

Muslims will  write the initials PBUH (Peace be upon him) after his name

- This shows great respect for the prophet and does not apply to other prophets

Muhammed is known as the Seal of the prophets

- He provided the last revelation of Allah to humanity

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Explain the importance of Prophet Muhammad for Mus

Becomes a prophet of Islam in 610; Is given the Qur’an to recite by Angel Gabriel

- Supports the belief in angels and the belief that the Qur’an is the word of God. 

- Muslim must live their life by the Qur’an and it influences Islamic laws

During the Night Journey , he is told by Allah to pray five times a day

- This is now the second pillar of Islam, Salah, one of the 5 duties of Islam that all Muslims must follow

His words and actions have been recorded in the Hadith and the Sunna respectively

- Together with the Qur’an, these 2 books help Muslim scholars to make decisions on items of Shari’a law (Islamic law)

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Explain the importance of Prophet Muhammad for Mus

After the Hijrah, he settles in Yathrib, now Medinah

- Muhammad establishes there the first rules of Islamic life which are still followed today

After the conquest of Makkha he gets rid of all idols in the Kabah

- The sin of shirk (idolatry)is the most serious sin in Islam. Will prevent you from going to paradise

As a military leader, he fights 3 battles against Mekkhans

- This shows Muslims that they must be prepared to fight for what they believe in and to defend their religion ( Lesser Jihad)

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Explain the importance of Prophet Muhammad for Mus

His life is an example to Muslims

- “Certainly you have in the Messenger of God an excellent example” (Surah 33:21)

- He had a reputation for justice and honesty, gaining the names “Al-amin” the Trustworthy and “As Sadiq” the Truthful.

- He is also seen as wise: see Kabah and blackstone incident.

- He also show forgiveness when he re-conquers Makkah in 630 and shows mercy to his enemies.

- They give Zakah/khums to help the poorand the widows  as Muhammed himself was an orphan at an early age and had a poor childhood;

- He often fasted; now the fourth pillar of Islam

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Explain the importance of Prophet Muhammad for Mus

Shi’a Muslims believe that just before he died, Muhammad chose Ali as his successor

- Shi’a Muslims , although a minority group, believe that the 12 Imams who were descendants of Muhammed were divinely inspired; shi’a muslims celebrate the festival of id-ul-Ghadeer to commemorate this event.

Sunni Muslims believe that Abu Bakr, known as the first Caliph, was Muhammed’s successor

- This has created tensions between Sunni Muslims, the majority group, and Shi’a Muslims

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