Is privation reversible?

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Is privation reversible?


  • Hodges and Tizard

Some of the effects of privation can be reversed as the children who were adopted were able to form attachments

However this experiment was unable to be repeated

Children suffered from poor physical care as well as privation so hard to distinguish the effects

Interviews/questionnaires may have given socially desirable answers

It was natural experiment with good ecological validity

  • Rutter et al

If the children were adopted early they tended not to show disinhibited behaviour

Hard to generalise the results as these children were also coming out of their own country and they were severly malnourished

The experiment has not been repeated

Observation gets very detailed results, however it could've affected children's behaviour

Natural experiment=good ecological validity

  • Kolochova

He studied indentical twins in Czechosolvakia who had been locked in a cellar for 7 years, observed them and found they could not talk. They were fostered by loving…


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