• Genie
  • Czech Twins
  • Reversability
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  • Privation
    • Case Studies
      • The Czech Twins
        • 7 when discovered
          • couldn't talk at first but learnt how and gained good intellectual and social skills. Were able to form attachments in later life
        • may have formed an attachment to one another during privation
        • Had a good quality of care after privation. Stayed with 2 sisters in a stable home where they were able to form attachments with their foster family.
      • Genie
        • 13 when discovered
        • until the age of 13 she was abused by her dad and was kept locked away
          • Couldn't stand up, speak, had a very low IQ, few social skills, may have been retarded, had no atatchments
        • Had a poor quality of care after privation and went from foster home to foster home
          • not able to form attachments
    • Factors Affecting the reversibility of privation
      • quality of care in institution
      • age of child
        • Rutter
          • the earlier they are adopted the easier it is to reverse privation
        • compare Genie's age to the Chzech Twins age
      • Qaulity of care after privation
        • genie in foster homes
        • Czech Twins in stable foster home
      • Experiances in later life
        • Genie faced further abuse
      • Individual temprement
        • genie may have been retarded
          • made it even more emotionally scaring


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