Discuss Research into the Effects of Privation

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Privation is the failure to form an attachment with the primary care giver. Privation usually occurs due to the result of extremely poor parenting and can result in extreme development issues.

One famous study on extreme privation is the case study of Genie. Genie was locked in a room, isolated by her father until the age of 13. When Genie was found she couldn’t stand properly possibly due to physical privation and had minimum language and social skills as a result of having no one to talk to and very little contact with family members. After being given care and an education Genie was able to form attachments with her carers and learn some social skills suggesting some effects of privation can be reversible however Genie was only able to learn some language and couldn’t grasp grammatical structure therefore didn’t fully recover showing that many effects of privation cannot be reversed. The lack of recovery may be due to the fact she was found beyond the sensitive period.

Another well known case study on privation is the…


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