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How far was the political
decline of the Conservatives
in the years 1902 to 1906
due to
their failure to keep the
support of the working
classes?…read more

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-Conservatives protecting a small number of
elite rich people.
-Working class had opted to develop their own
policy base rather than simply comply with
traditional conservative values.
-Existence of support from the Irish, and strong
position of unity with which the Liberal govt.
entered the election campaign.
-Conservative failure to hold onto the `political
centre'…read more

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Factors suggesting the loss of significant working class
support was a primary factor in the
gradual decline of the Conservatives between 1902 and
1906 might include:
-The working class represented the largest electoral
group. This became particularly significant when the
LRC came into existence and formed a pact with the lib
govt. in 1903
-The conservatives had alienated many of the working
class throughout 1902-1906 due to such incidents as
tariff reform and Taff vale, and Chinese slavery.
-Conservative failure to develop welfare proposals, out-
shadowed by liberal govt.…read more

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Factors suggesting that working class support was
necessary but that it was not, in itself,
sufficient to explain the decline of the Conservatives
during this period might include:
-Many of the electorate were not members of the
working class. The non-conformists rejected the cons.
Due to the education act in 1902, with the abolishment
of volunteer school boards
-Liberal party was exceedingly united throughout this
period, and was able to challenge the cons. Govt. directly
throughout this period.
-The cons. Was split throughout 1902-1906, over issues
such as tariff reform and Chamberlain, and Chinese
slavery.…read more

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The conservatives crafted their own decline, due to mass
alienation of their own voting demographic, and failure
to secure the votes of the largest voting demographic in
Britain, the working class. This suggests that the failure to
secure working class votes was the primary cause of the
conservative decline, however, the events which caused
the alienation of the workers, such as Taff Vale and
Chinese slavery, are perhaps the most significant, along
with the failure to provide any welfare reforms. This also
reiterates the strength of the Liberal party, with the
promises for the introduction of a number of reforms in
1906 by Asquith. The liberal party was a strong contender
to govern Britain, and they eventually out-shadowed the
cons.…read more

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Explain why the
introduced Old Age
Pensions…read more

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