Origins and Rise of the Labour Party


Origins and Rise of the Labour Party

  • By 1910, the Labour Party had 42 seats in the December 1910 election. 
  • Established in 1900

Creation of the Labour Party

  • Poor Social conditions and poverty in the last quarter of the 1800's. 
  • Independent Labour Party
  • The Workman's Times-created by Hardie led to the formation of the Labour party. A
  • At least 30% of the working class living close to starvation
  • Growing knowledge of the situation due to books like Henry George 'progression of poverty' 
  • Formation of Scottish Labour Party (1888) by James Kier Hardie. Became the first Labour MP in 1892.
  • Social Democractic Federation-wanted to overthrow capitalist system. Carried out marches such as in Trafalgor Square in 1887 (Bloody Sunday due to Violence)
  • Trade Unions- began to move towards the support of the Labour Party especially after Lyons vs Wilkins case in 1899.
  • The Fabian Society- group of middle class intellectuals including Sydney and Beatrice Webb and  George Bernand Shaw. They believed land and industry should be owned by the community.
  • Lyons vs Wilkins Case in 1899- the appeal court decided to limit the right of unions to picket. 
  • In February 1900, after the Lyons v Wilkins case, the TUC met with the various socialist societies including the Social Democratic Federation, Fabians and Independent Labour Party at Farringdon Street, London. As a result of the meeting the Labour representative Committee was formed, for the purpose of running independent Labour candidates for parliament. However, support for the LRC from the Trade Unions Congress was not outright at this stage and only ten unions, affiliated to the the LRC. 
  • In 1903, the Lib-Lab pact was formed in which both parties secretly agreed to avoid wherever possible standing against each other in the next general election e.g. Liberald gave Labour some constituencies. 
  • In the January 1906 General Election, Labour put up 50 candidates, 30 of which…


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