How To Revise: The Easy Way


How To Revise

Any soul will, quite rightly, tell you that there is no definitive "way to revise".

There isn't. Everyone has their different ways of revising; some people like 'flashcards', some people enjoy using past papers, and some people claim to do no revision, but in actual fact...they do.

(I know of one person who uploads relevant pictures to Instagram with a caption about that picture and which relates to a subject! It helps them revise though...)

But this is a guide to not necessarily tell you how you must revise, as the title may misleadingly say.

It is rather a guide to help you revise in the most efficient way you can. I am not saying I am the most amazing person at revision- in fact, I've got Latin to be doing right now!

But reading over this will, I hope, help you in the long term, whether you're doing GCSEs, BTECs, Scottish Highers or even your degree!


Let's get this party revision started!

  • Revision Space


Sitting on your bed and looking through Kerboodle isn't going to help you revise. Neither is going through your French book and remembering what garçon translates to- it's boy. OK, it might. But not much.

You need, therefore, a revision space. It could be anything. For me, it's a table, complete with stationery, my laptop and, perpendicular to it, a cork board FILLED with relevant revision tips. At the moment, it's maths and biology.

But the main point is- you need a clear revision space, designed SOLELY for revision purposes. Leave enough room to place books, and make sure you have somewhere that has exam details, whether it's a cork board or even a folder.

Thus, this brings me on to my next point:

  • Organisation


There is no better feeling than organising everything and seeing your revision space- read above- go from scruffy piles of paper sprawled around, and that piece of chemistry work about alcohols that you kept meaning to look at but never did, to a tidy area where everything is fairly neatly stacked in relevant areas. So get started now! If your revision space is a mess, then make it less messy. That glass? Take it downstairs! Those pens everywhere? Collect them all!

Either way, you need to be organised. Even if you're the most unorganised person ever, like me.

I, personally, have reduced my being so unorganised by setting one night a week to directly organise everything. Every Sunday night, I will make sure to organise everything.

Of course, you don't have to be like me! Take your own style! Just make sure to be organised whatever you do.

  • Lists

With organisation comes preparation. When revising, it's very difficult to say I'm going to


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