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Plain Indians -This is term used to ciover the many different nations e.g. Chioux, Sioux & Cheyenne who live on the Great Plains.


History - Customs of the Plain Indians

Family and Marriage

Family within the Plain Indian Tribes consisted of 10-50 people. Men were judged by their skills as warriors, hunters and protectors of band. Women were valued as the bearers of children. They were responsible for the following; food preparation, making of clothes, taking care of tipi.The young men would provide horses or buffalo skin to a young lady's parents to show that he is capable of becoming her husband and to show his bravery. Men with many wives was known as 'Polygamy'. Divorce was not unknown. Ploygamy was carried out in order to make sure all indians were being cared for. Families were traced by the mother's side and not by the father's.


Children didnt go to school. Thye learned from their parents & other relatives. Boys were taught how to hunt using bows and arrows. Girls werwe taught how to maintain household. Both were taught how t ride nad both were highly valued.

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History - Beliefs and Factors of the Plain Indians

Spirit Indians believed in the 'Great Spirit' whom they believedruled over anything. They believe he lived in a beautiful country called 'Happy Hunting Ground'. Their greatest hopes was to go to this country when they die. But in order to do this they believed they should serve him throughout their lifetime.

Vision Visions were important to all Indians. They could come into contact with spirits & the Great Spirit. Each child is taken away from his/her tribe until they receive their vision. A celebration is then held for they who have had their visions and an adult name is given unto them.

Dances Indians believe a way of contacting the spirits were by dancing; to solve problems like huge buffalo herds. The most important dance for some tribes was the 'Sun Dance'. In this, an Indian tortures himself to show bracery and then receives a vision in which he then share to the other dancers. They believe through dances they could contact the spirit world & fulfil hopes like becoming a great warrior or hunter.

Circles Plain Indians were convinced that the power of the earth always worked in circles; bird's nests, the sky, including the lifecycle was in circles.They believe that if they work with these circles through life, the power of the earth could be theirs

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