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This is my entry for the Get Revising competition. It is suited for general revision and can work with all subject . I would say that is is a more GCSE level of tips and points but it can work for everything.

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Revision Tips and Advice to help you succeed.
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Start early!
You will always say that you have a long
time left to revise and you do not have
to start yet, but in reality if you start
early you don't have to revise with as
much pressure and stress.
If you find topics that you have
questions on, you can ask your teachers
early so you know you haven't got any
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As well as this starting early means you
can revise for shorter time periods if
wanted. The more time you have to
revise, the better!
You will be much more relaxed and
confident the earlier you start.
You must prepare yourself before you
do anything and this is getting in the
correct mood to revise. Starting early
will help this.
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Set up a timetable.
You do not have to stick to it very strictly but a
guideline of your revision periods & breaks will
help you stay organised & it will save you so
much trouble in the future rather than
deliberating over which subject to revise when!
To make this an effective timetable make sure
that it coincides with your other activities such
as clubs & mealtimes. Another good thing to
regulate is the length of time. E.g. if you have a
lot more Biology topics to learn then RE topics,
order it proportionally so you give yourself
more time for Biology than RE.
You must remember that this can be adjusted
but it must correspond to your subjects & how
much you need to learn for each one.
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Eliminate the
procrastination tools!
Facebook or any social networks wont
do anything helpful towards your exams
Everyone can stay off them for a couple
of months, if you are an avid
procrastinator it may seem hard at first
to instantly quit your hobby, but I can
assure you that it becomes easier the
more you have been away from it.
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Almost everyone thinks that they need
to go on the internet to revise but end
up depleting the time they have on
useless sites made for recreation.
If you really can't stay away, include free
time in your timetable where you can do
what you want and set up how long you
let yourself go on what
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